My family knows nothing about me and seeks to know less.

This as inspired by a facebook friend Annelise Prahach .
Annelise Prahach A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.

Bil Spinelli What does not KILL you will make you stronger!

Me But one mean word will haunt you for a thousand years.
Think back to what someone said about you/to you 5-10 years ago that stills hurts.
Joker in The Dark Knight
What doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stranger.
The misspoken words of a parent will stop the actions of an adult. They can and will be haunted by words to the detriment of their future. … See MoreWhich is an action that takes place in the future vs an inaction that stops us in the present. Words are how I share my thought actions are how I show them. Dysphasia is my greatest fear.

Annelise Prahach Tony you have always been a deep dude!
I need to remind her I do not like being called Tony, only grandma could call me by that name.

Me My family knows nothing about me and seeks to know less. I wanted to add a piece of a poem I wrote but am not able to log in to my gmail account.
I spent Thanksgiving in the haus I lived in, alone.
Haunted by misshaped words hanging like fishhooks on ethereal thoughts of a happy family.
I was 2 miles away from my brother but could have been 2,000 miles, he did call the day of Thanksgiving. I do not have a cell so I was 86 miles from my land line. I came down so my son and his mother could have a good time without taking 2 dogs with them to Gettysburg PA. As a Dad my son’s happiness comes first. I am a by-product of a miscarriage of marriage. My childhood an illusion of marginal sitcoms based on northern European ideas.

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