Heavy Thunderous Beats/Beast In A Vacuos Heat.

I live alone and words are my friends and they are my currency the only things I have of value, to some.
This from am email this morn, related to blog design of all things.
A photographer without a muse is like a mirror without a reflection. With light as a medium they see and complete each other.
A teacher without a student is akin to fountain without water…The beauty of the fountain is brought forth by the dispersion of the water/knowledge.
I am nursing a broken heart so words are my Art Therapy along with my Lil Rebel XT.
Heavy thunderous heartbeats…sans echos in a vacuous heat…my earthen locks keeping time with every beat…brought to my Lord feat…like Mary and Martha that is where I belong…and where I will stay…the mountains and valleys that are created with each melancholic beat…remind that I need to breath…love to me is the air that we breath…necessary for our very survival but not in the sense that others have inhale what we have just taken and let in slow tempo or a fractious staccato…but since I have fallen and I know that I have move and am going somewhere…if even though crestfallen…I am my first true love and the cornerstone to my life as my God is the cornerstone to my faith…that whispered goodbye to arrogance as she picked me up and embraced me even though I shunned her…she carried me and no can one put us asunder.

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