I want to meet you halfway

I want to meet you halfway.
But after that I want to go all way if you allow me stay.
I won’ do any harm you are my calm in this storm.
We will look into the future and it will be our past, we made it they said it could not last.
I want to hold on but I have to let go.
You are my earthly light and I just can’t hold on.
You have brighten my day and illuminated my night.
Gave euthanasia to my nightmares and enhance my daydreams.
I remember gasping for air and once I touched your lips despair was sent to foul lair.
I asked my lord for hope and felt he had not answered.
I sojourned through the valley and upon coming to the crest and feeling drawn and tired there you were my sunrise.
You blossomed into a new day.
And in my heart you stay with each rhythmic beat washing away all my past defeats.

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