Dreams Turned To Taciturn Reflections

An associate wrote this to me
“you need a muse and inspiration will follow and bloom”

I thought I had one but she became camera shy.
The creative part cries out in silence but yet some can hear it.
Frustrating as I want to feed it and therefore not let it die within.
I do not want yet another corpse held down by remorse within me.
I feed it what I can and promise that every day I awake I will bring it something even if just a taste.
I feel I cannot even give away my images for those that do not want me to even have their number/email.
How can I give away a part of me to someone that does not even trust me?
My art is a child of my soul!
How can I cast them/it into hand too cold to hold another person’s art with any value but free?
Thank you for all the kind words, Kim.
I can be intense or so it seems but when I am quiet ‘they’ ask why but when I speak they do not listen.
So that is why I cry in silence and my dreams turn to taciturn reflections off a broken mirror.
Ellenville Freelance Photographer


Dreams Turned To Taciturn Reflections — 14 Comments

    • Thank you, Timorah.
      I left you some blog Love.
      “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
      – Anais Nin

  1. So true what your associate wrote to you! I think I’ll write that down and keep it on my computer in front of me every day:)
    Thanks for sharing that!

    • Took me a few days of having it as a ‘draft’ but needed to put it out there, glad you could identify with it.

    • Most books are written from the mind but poems come from the soul.
      The art that an artist produces is his soul speaking through the work.
      Each has something to it’s own way.
      That why we are so sensitive when we are heard or misunderstood.
      We birthed these into reality through technology but they are a part of us.

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