Andy Karol

A photographer associate of mine, outstanding work.
Here is the bio and a glimpse of the site, enjoy.
I began my years as a small-town Indiana girl, building model rockets, delivering newspapers, and attending ballet class. In 2003, shortly after college graduation, I moved to Chicago to pursue a career in performance and communication. The office environment did not quite suit me, and my interest in theatre evolved into becoming a headshot photographer for the talent scene. Soon after, I found myself desiring a higher level of creative expression and turned to portraiture as an additional outlet.

Under my birth name, Saundra Karol, I built a niche of photographing family portraiture, specifically maternity. In working with so many transitioning (i.e. pregnant) bodies, I found myself intrigued by the complexity of the female form in itself and in relation to the more masculine counterpart. Gender, and what it meant to my clients as they embarked on the journey of raising children, continued to be at the forefront of my mind.

My interest in gender is a driving force in my personal life as well where I consider real life my best research. I draw upon my own interactions with family, friends, and strangers through a more androgynous appearance as inspiration and truth for the images I create, as well as the stories and experiences of those I meet willing to discuss this favored topic of mine. Photography has become my medium to help define, examine, and understand gender.

Currently, my work in gender variant photography may also be found in my most recent project, Eden: Expressions in Gender ( An ongoing project, this work displays photography of gender fluid and variant subjects in nude form to showcase the natural and beautiful state of gender non-conformance.


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  1. Very creative and dynamic. I love how she is intrigued with gender and uses her photography to outwardly share this. I agree very though provoking, nice post.

  2. I like to read out different people come to what they like and what they dont. I am in the process of “landing” myself…so very excited.

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