Lessons from the Butterfly Woman

1. Words without action are powerless
Talk is cheap. And it really is. There are many people who use beautiful words and dazzle us with their eloquent speech. Anyone can say anything. However it is few that follow those words with action. Words are nothing unless we are willing to follow through on what we say. They need action and beat, this is how we create a beautiful song throughout our days. Life is a glorious and continuous weaving between what we say and what we do. So walk your talk, show the world that you stand behind the words you say, not only to others, but most importantly to yourself. This is the foundation of creating trust and belief from others and ourselves.

2. Learn to stand in your own power
Before learning to walk we must first learn to stand. Standing is about balance and strength. That is what helps us to then walk with grace and confidence. Walking along our own life path is no different. Learning to stand “on our own two feet” helps to ground us, connect us to our own power. It reminds us of and connects us to who we are, and allows us to learn balance. Then we can begin walking our path authentically and express to the world the beauty of who we are.

3. Honour Yourself
You gotta know when to love and know when to walk. Learning to love is a lifelong process and lesson. And one of the most important lessons is to discern when to love and when to leave. We are faced with the choice: do we continue to love or do we walk out the door? I myself have been faced with this scenario many times over, and each time I have learned something new. There is no guidebook or “learning to love for dummies” manual to help with this question. What I have learned through my own experiences is that it all boils down to honouring yourself. It is up to you to decide whether the situation is a positive or negative in your life. Is it in sync with who you are? Are you honouring yourself, your values and everything you believe in by staying in it.? When we learn to honour ourselves we will then naturally attract situations and people that support that. If we find ourselves in a situation in which we are not honouring ourselves it is a lesson in self love to move through it and onto something better. The most important relationship in our life is the one with ourself. William Shakespeare said it well many years ago, “to thine own self be true”.

4. Embrace life’s challenges
“What don’t make you stronger will make you fall”. We often try to avoid painful or challenging situations in our life for fear of the pain or the hardship. Yet it is from these same situations that we learn new things about ourselves and grow as a person. They force us to push past our boundaries and self created limits, thereby evolving ourselves into a stronger person and more connected with our inner self. It can be tempting to take the easy road, but many times this can be actually cause us to stagnate ourselves instead of grow. Taking the easy way out is cop out on our part. It doesn’t serve us because it allows us to stay within our comfort zone, and constantly staying in our comfort zone results in our stagnation rather than growth. And this is our biggest fall as humans on this earth.

5. Time is our wisest teacher
Because in this life I am the one that shows the only way to change is by growing old. Change is the only constant in our life. We can be rest assured that as we move through the years it will be there to accompany us and eventually become one of our greatest allies. We can incorporate change at any time into our life and as many times as we want. However change of self is something different. Change in ourselves as a person is a process, something that requires time and patience. As we move through the years we learn more and more and continually evolve, and hence we change. We are not the same person at 20, 30, 40 or 50. Thank god. As each decade passes we become wiser and develop a stronger sense of self. Native Americans understand this very well and elders are held in high esteem within their tribes. Age is a beautiful thing and lifetime teacher of wisdom, strength and sense of self.

6. Love is the source of all life
Love has given me more it seems, than riches and worries and pain and dreams. Many of us spend years chasing money and dreams. We spend endless hours worrying over things that in the grand scheme of things don’t hold much significance, or we fill our days with meaningless tasks and eventually forget what it is like to experience living fully. Yet as we look back on life, we see that our happiest moments revolved around love. Love is what nurtures us, what inspires us, what motivates us to keep going. It is to our soul what water is to the physical body, it gives us life, shapes us, elevates us to reach our potential. Without love we would wither away and die. Yet we sometimes forget this as we move through our daily lives. Other things get in the way and we procrastinate, leaving loving comments for another day. But at the end of our days when we look back those are the things we most regret. So live each day with love, for both others and yourself. And from this an abundance and happy life will be created.



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