Being positive takes work every day

By Steven Lewis
Being positive takes work every day, it’s the only way of life if you’re striving for excellence. Have high expectation and anticipate the very best outcome, rise to the top and stay there. I’ve seen many people rise to the top but for only for a short period of time. I’ve also seen them fall harder then they rose. One of the main reasons for failure is living in the moment and not being prepared for the future. Being successful one day does not guarantee the same results the next. You have to stay a step ahead of what you’re doing. I call this my ”what if plan” Here’s an example, what if this happens and what will I do next to protect myself? Never put yourself in a position where you don’t know your next move. If life throws you a curb ball and you swing and miss “don’t give up,” evaluate and calculate what went wrong and try something else. Don’t be left on the outside looking in, giving up is never an option. The easiest thing to do in life is to quit, the hardest thing to do is to hang in there and make it work if by any means possible. You will never go beyond your present situation by quitting. You have to become tenacious, hold fast to your dreams and expanding on them. In order to be this strong in your conviction you have to have wit which covers your intellect and gives you the power to move forward and the perception for new ideals. When looking at new ideas don’t just look at the ideal look beyond your thoughts to see how many directions your idea can take you. This will help you to expand and become creative. You’ll be amazed on what you come up with. Often times you’ll come up with over five different ways to expand on a thought. Be careful not to try and do them all at once, apply yourself one idea at a time which will allow you to work towards perfection. Don’t spread yourself to thin, it can cause failure and or overload which will lead to stress. By using my tools you’ll find your accomplishments to be stupendous. You’ll be amazed in everything you do, which will fuel your motivation. As you know you need to stay motivated on your journey to continued success. Your drive can never die, so your motive must stay strong. Your motive puts your plan in action and keeps your will strong which keeps your passion alive.
~Steven Lewis~


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