Screams so loud they can never be heard

Screams so loud they can never be heard but hurt to feel them within.
Electromagnetic storms ravaging your thoughts and holding you still like glue.
A stainless steel net stopping you from expanding as self doubt grips you as self esteem slips off of the cold steel that is the only warmth you can touch.

I drove away from someone yesterday and she contacted me later and asked why I drive my car so fast.
I said I shifted from 1st to second at 5,000 rpm and to third at 4,500 rpm but if was not that I wanted to get There faster but that I did want to be Here any longer.

I want my heart to beat faster and knot/not feel so heavy in my chest.
She said aren’t you afraid of breaking something on your car?
I am more afraid of what is broken within than anything I can buy.

You have more please to do not be less with the Blessings you have.
Your Blessings are the springboard for your aspirations.
You have inspired others in more ways than you think.

Dragonfly in Ellenville NY

Dragonfly in Ellenville NY

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