Black Queens

Black Queens
Poem by Thomas L. White III

I often fantasize when she’s not around
Of ways to caress her body, while we lay our loving down
Her skin is so brown and so tasty sweet
From the top of her head to the bottom of her beautiful feet
The way she strolls into the room, lets me know it’s all good
Whether she’s wearing Victoria Secrets or Fredrick’s of Hollywood
You see I’m in love with her body, but even more so with her mind
Infatuated when I see her coming, and drained when I view her from behind
I know she was made perfect, voluminous with style and flair
Though she comes in many shades, straight hair, locks or braids
She’s oh so much more then “just her hair”
When I see my Queen appear, I’m truly mesmerized,
So I love her with passion while being sincere so she can hear the dove’s cries
As the sweat from her sexy body drips down on my chest
We change positions quite often till she tells me which one feels the best
I slowly stick out my tongue to circulate the nipples on my queen’s breast
While rubbing her inner thighs on the journey down to her royal love nest
She brightens my every day, appears in my darkness like a sunray
In her world I’m the only gourmet, in mine she’s the perfect entrée
So I make her melt like butter on hot toast
Spread my love all over her body, like gravy on a hot roast
Treat my beautiful darkness as a rare jewel like a diamond from the Ivory Coast
Because she’s more than a five star guest so I’ll forever be her ten star host
See I lived inside a Queen for nine months; It’s the safest place I’ve ever been
So my brothers there’s nothing wrong with going down south every now and then
But this poem really isn’t about sex, nor is it about lust
Yet these things I say about my black Queens, I just say because I must
It’s just time we learn to keep it real and face up to a few things
Like giving up what’s due to the beautiful darkness we call…Black Queens

©2000 Thomas L. White III

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