I will not chase you into your night for that is your journey

I feel the proof shall be the look he will be wearing. You see life’s popular demand has a way of fraying a man and I would have been gone…You see he heard my words but did not listen…so it is akin to throwing seeds of wisdom on stony ground and therefore no harvest to be found…he was betrayed by his inaction and the fractured prism of his world will fall and echo in his still heart.
My own heart would have been still and I had hoped to instill my words of a life I lived but now his distilled angst is his only refill.
One day when Mom passes you will inherit quite a bit of change but the only thing that will change that the prison you live in can be bigger/prettier than another brother’s.
I only have my words for they are the only currency I have they are how I share my life and to you, they are chump change.
May that anger leave your countenance as you look at the letter Y and see that you made the choice at the bifurcation and that I stayed the course.
I will not chase you into your night for that is your journey but I will one day be the dawn when you awaken.

path into the woods

The path into the woods

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