As light quietly caresses a woman’s body

I like a real woman’s form, yours.
As light quietly caresses a woman’s body with visual punctuation marks.
Semi colons gently giving way to yet a another curve that the light rays betray to the eyes.
My arms reaching out to you like horizontal exclamation marks wanting to caress what my eyes behold.
Words racing around my head waiting to springboard off my tongue in elocution to the visceral infusion that you are to/for me.
Let me caress you like the light at dusk as you turn to me and the moonlight frames the window and I struggle to constrain myself in my garments/desires as I see you in your succulent natural beauty.

Dreams Turned To Taciturn Reflections

An associate wrote this to me
“you need a muse and inspiration will follow and bloom”

I thought I had one but she became camera shy.
The creative part cries out in silence but yet some can hear it.
Frustrating as I want to feed it and therefore not let it die within.
I do not want yet another corpse held down by remorse within me.
I feed it what I can and promise that every day I awake I will bring it something even if just a taste.
I feel I cannot even give away my images for those that do not want me to even have their number/email.
How can I give away a part of me to someone that does not even trust me?
My art is a child of my soul!
How can I cast them/it into hand too cold to hold another person’s art with any value but free?
Thank you for all the kind words, Kim.
I can be intense or so it seems but when I am quiet ‘they’ ask why but when I speak they do not listen.
So that is why I cry in silence and my dreams turn to taciturn reflections off a broken mirror.
Ellenville Freelance Photographer

When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb

I take comfort in your words and also look forward to being next to you.
When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb under timber still smoldering from the wreckage of a place I once called home.
You reached in and offered me hand without a glance of the broken man.
You saw my spirit without seeing my face.
Rough hewn timbers laden with lies and yet you reach in and removed them with Love and understanding.
Sometimes I kept my head bowed in prayer and others in despair as tears jumped off my face as I felt less than waste.
Slowly I turned to the voice and craned my head to the Light in your eyes and the blue sky above my storm.
Yet having nothing than words and a deep spirit you guided me on a sea of Hope to Island that is our own.
Holding you close in my arms with your head canted that lower lip in my mouth as I gently pull on it.
I see the pulsing blood/Love that sustains our bodies and Spirits with every heartbeat.

Knowledge is like the air that we breathe

Knowledge is like the air that we breathe but for our brains.
I prefer wide open spaces and various scents in the air.

Some subscribe to the “Western Classics” and other to “eastern Knowledge” base.

I take in knowledge like the air that breathe and the basis to my words.

Before I speak I take a breathe of air and form the words to convey my thoughts that were shaped by the knowledge that my eyes, ears and Soul have retained.

pixelation » Blog Archive » Correcting Skin Color / Skin Tones in Lightroom

Correcting Skin Color / Skin Tones in LightroomPosted: July 15th, 2009 | Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: cmyk, color correction, lightroom, numbers, retouching, rgb, skin, skin color, skin tones | 2,519 Comments »This tutorial is directed primarily at those who use Lightroom in lieu of Photoshop. There’s really no substitute for the power of curves, masks, and CMYK number evaluations — none of which are available to those who do all of their processing in Lightroom. With that said, reasonably accurate skin color corrections can be performed with Lightroom alone, and I think it’s worthwhile for all Lightroom users even if you have Photoshop to improve their understanding of color evaluation. Now that I’ve taken the time to figure this out, I do find myself achieving more pleasing color in Lightroom prior to export, as skin evaluations are a great way to determine proper white balance if no neutral gray exists. Let’s get into it …Color Readouts in Lightroom vs. PhotoshopLightroom’s color space is called “Melissa RGB” also referred to as “bastard RGB” or “lovechild RGB,” depending on who you ask. It’s based on ProPhoto RGB with an sRGB gamma curve. It’s not really important that you understand the intricacies of the color space; what’s important is understanding that RGB numbers mean different things depending on the RGB color space in which you are working. RGB numbers applied in the Adobe RGB color space, for example, look significantly different than applying the same numbers in the sRGB color space. We’ve all seen what happens when our browsers interprets the numbers of an Adobe RGB image in the sRGB color space: we get dull, muddy colors.

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Tych Panel by Reimund Trost

Tych PanelCurrent version: 0.9.93.Updated: 2011-04-05.Tychet!So what’s this Tych Panel thing all my blogging photographer friends chat about?!Tych Panel is the best photo blogging tool created for Photoshop since like, ever. Uhu, that’s right.Directly from the flaming hot coding ovens of Göteborg, Tych Panel comes with a fresh aroma of speed and feel of simplicity. Tasting like the effective blog posting workflow you always wished you had.So throw out your old dirty templates and give Tych Panel a whirl. It’s dead simple.

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Take Off Your Mommy Goggles

What It Takes To Be In Our Registry

This is not a registry that allows anyone who wants to to sign up. You can’t just pay a few bucks and list yourself as a Professional Photographer and reap the benefits of extra links and visibility. This registry is monitored, and each business who would like to be included must fill out an application, meet our standards, and be approved before being listed.Those standards are: Be in business legally! for at least three years. Why? Because studies show that 50% of small businesses fail in the first year, and 85% don’t make it to 5 years. If a photographer has been in business for at least three years, they’ve made it past the first big hurdle and are well on their way to passing the second. Additionally, we believe that experience counts. The first few years in business involve a lot of on-the-job learning. A photographer who has been in business for 3+ years has done the grunt work and gained valuable skills in a variety of photography and business aspects.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Setup and Catalog Creation on Vimeo

This video tutorial is all about our initial Lightroom setup. In this movie, I start from square one by formatting a brand new external hard drive and then forcing Lightroom to put my Catalog, the index of my photography, onto this external disk. This is the very first lesson that I teach in my professional workshops and one that I am totally convinced is worth the extra effort for long-term Lightroom happiness. To learn more see​2010/​06/​getting-started-right-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-3-setup-and-catalog-creation/

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