Life gets in the way of living and that won’t last.

Sometimes falling is good. It means you are going somewhere.
When the “whole” has fallen apart and you start to descend down that hole by the field and just can’t stop….you are going to land on your feet or in defeat but you will land.
When the intricacies of your psyche have left not being the person you might me.
Find the ear in your armor and mend, do not let the world see within you.
A tear is a hydrophilic version of a physiological tear. Don’t despair the pain will only last as long as you feed it. Grow strong and let go of what was already long gone. It lived within eating away at your bliss. Like that spiders kiss. Nothing just an exogenous visage of what has died within. Resurrect it and perfect for you have to love yourself and love show a difference to someone’s suffering, why not stop yours? If you know how to love yourself you loves other without waiting for them to love you first or back.
Who first told you they love you?
Who first told you were beautiful?
Who first said there is nothing holding you back?
That same person had the power to make you or break you.
Self-esteem comes from within but is usually learned from family and friends.
Being that they are human they sometimes fail us,
We wander looking for that which will satisfy our thirst.
First look within yourself find what it is your are “lacking, pour yourself a glass or take a piece.
Introspection hurts, sometimes we have to look in the mirror and say to that person you F’D! UP.
But I am giving us another chance because we are one till there is no more but the bones that hold up this body.
Do you remember when we left Eden?
The serpent kissed the apple hissed our farewell into this world.
Let us live in peace within.
When words are thrown at us like fish hooks tearing into our skin and trying to remove our soul as we walk away. A fire needs fuel and air to “live” do not be either to the person that is spewing “their” venom.
We give power away or exchange it for words/shelter for our bodies or our hearts.
The first person that broke our heart was the same person we wanted to make it whole by being there with us.

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No, I don’t believe you
When you say´╗┐ you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend
To not love me at all

My family knows nothing about me and seeks to know less.

This as inspired by a facebook friend Annelise Prahach .
Annelise Prahach A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.

Bil Spinelli What does not KILL you will make you stronger!

Me But one mean word will haunt you for a thousand years.
Think back to what someone said about you/to you 5-10 years ago that stills hurts.
Joker in The Dark Knight
What doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stranger.
The misspoken words of a parent will stop the actions of an adult. They can and will be haunted by words to the detriment of their future. … See MoreWhich is an action that takes place in the future vs an inaction that stops us in the present. Words are how I share my thought actions are how I show them. Dysphasia is my greatest fear.

Annelise Prahach Tony you have always been a deep dude!
I need to remind her I do not like being called Tony, only grandma could call me by that name.

Me My family knows nothing about me and seeks to know less. I wanted to add a piece of a poem I wrote but am not able to log in to my gmail account.
I spent Thanksgiving in the haus I lived in, alone.
Haunted by misshaped words hanging like fishhooks on ethereal thoughts of a happy family.
I was 2 miles away from my brother but could have been 2,000 miles, he did call the day of Thanksgiving. I do not have a cell so I was 86 miles from my land line. I came down so my son and his mother could have a good time without taking 2 dogs with them to Gettysburg PA. As a Dad my son’s happiness comes first. I am a by-product of a miscarriage of marriage. My childhood an illusion of marginal sitcoms based on northern European ideas.