Shadowhouse Creations Square Texture Set Vol.27

Shadowhouse Creations was created in November of 2009 and employs an army of one, myself alone. Seems no one likes working for free these days. Shadowhouse Creations is located on the outskirts of a small mid-western town, in a spare … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

pixelation » Blog Archive » Correcting Skin Color / Skin Tones in Lightroom

Correcting Skin Color / Skin Tones in LightroomPosted: July 15th, 2009 | Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: cmyk, color correction, lightroom, numbers, retouching, rgb, skin, skin color, skin tones | 2,519 Comments »This tutorial is directed primarily … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Tych Panel by Reimund Trost

Tych PanelCurrent version: 0.9.93.Updated: 2011-04-05.Tychet!So what’s this Tych Panel thing all my blogging photographer friends chat about?!Tych Panel is the best photo blogging tool created for Photoshop since like, ever. Uhu, that’s right.Directly from the flaming hot coding ovens of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]