As light quietly caresses a woman’s body

I like a real woman’s form, yours.
As light quietly caresses a woman’s body with visual punctuation marks.
Semi colons gently giving way to yet a another curve that the light rays betray to the eyes.
My arms reaching out to you like horizontal exclamation marks wanting to caress what my eyes behold.
Words racing around my head waiting to springboard off my tongue in elocution to the visceral infusion that you are to/for me.
Let me caress you like the light at dusk as you turn to me and the moonlight frames the window and I struggle to constrain myself in my garments/desires as I see you in your succulent natural beauty.

When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb

I take comfort in your words and also look forward to being next to you.
When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb under timber still smoldering from the wreckage of a place I once called home.
You reached in and offered me hand without a glance of the broken man.
You saw my spirit without seeing my face.
Rough hewn timbers laden with lies and yet you reach in and removed them with Love and understanding.
Sometimes I kept my head bowed in prayer and others in despair as tears jumped off my face as I felt less than waste.
Slowly I turned to the voice and craned my head to the Light in your eyes and the blue sky above my storm.
Yet having nothing than words and a deep spirit you guided me on a sea of Hope to Island that is our own.
Holding you close in my arms with your head canted that lower lip in my mouth as I gently pull on it.
I see the pulsing blood/Love that sustains our bodies and Spirits with every heartbeat.

I watch the minutes fall off the clock like drops of rain into the ocean.

I watch the minutes fall off the clock like drops of rain into the ocean. I know where each falls but cannot see where it went.
When I was with you my despair you would wrest from my soul.
When we took strolls I had no idea our time together had been foretold.
I was your dry dock and you were my vessel.
What I would give to hold her but her prescient thoughts brought the end.
Another miraculous sunset except I stand on this rock alone watching someone else go home.


Midnight Star

Midnight Star

I’m spilling my heart on a grassy knoll

Cuddling with my favorite blanket

Hot cocoa and crème in hand

Imagining what if – life would last forever

Praying that one-day I’d rise and shine like the stars

Though they twinkle and turn

I know they watch us from above

I’m wishing on a midnight star

She lays a in a galaxy distant and afar

I can see her bright beautiful smile

As she glimmers from a million miles

So I just lay here

And watch her all night

Her beautiful light, ebony and white

Hues of yellow, red and green

Although they infinitely exist

This star I selfishly call my own

She sits right above Venus

You can see her if you love the moon

She shines brightest a month before June

Sometimes she’ll drop a little note from the sky

It shyly waltzes it way to earth

Landing on my grassy knoll

She says she loves my soul

And she’s watching over me

Like a honey and it’s little bee

She wants to me see

Her dance amongst the heavens

So we romance to her favorite song

She knows I’m sprung

So she continues to tease

Like a winter’s warm breeze

So tonight I’ll return

12:00 a.m. of course

Like a knight on a white horse

Serenading his love from below

A million miles afar

I’m wishing on a midnight star


via Midnight Star.