When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb

I take comfort in your words and also look forward to being next to you.
When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb under timber still smoldering from the wreckage of a place I once called home.
You reached in and offered me hand without a glance of the broken man.
You saw my spirit without seeing my face.
Rough hewn timbers laden with lies and yet you reach in and removed them with Love and understanding.
Sometimes I kept my head bowed in prayer and others in despair as tears jumped off my face as I felt less than waste.
Slowly I turned to the voice and craned my head to the Light in your eyes and the blue sky above my storm.
Yet having nothing than words and a deep spirit you guided me on a sea of Hope to Island that is our own.
Holding you close in my arms with your head canted that lower lip in my mouth as I gently pull on it.
I see the pulsing blood/Love that sustains our bodies and Spirits with every heartbeat.

The serpent’s subtle hiss as I exited the Garden of Eden

Off to dry the tears of despair that are the genesis of the rainbows that transcend the air.
Once despair has been vanquished back to it’s insipid lair.
Where it lays with lies surrounding it like flies on the carcass of what was once my bliss.
The serpent’s subtle hiss as I exited the Garden of Eden is fine for I have since been forgiven.

Not the equipemt

Visuals, three vehicles at a stop light just before getting on a the highway.
We have a mid-level commuter car, a high priced imported sport car and a rugged suv.
All three are vehicle that get you from point A to B.
One is affordable/dependable and the second fast with the third being able to anywhere.
Since we are all learning to drive/use our camera here have a 5D/D700is nice but a D3/1DmkII is overkill.
A salesperson will tell you to sell the old clunker and buy the latest and greatest and it has dual climate control (hello one with 80 degrees one side 32 on the other, think not)
What I am getting at is marketing they want to sell the newer model and make you feel like you are not able to do certain things without.
Yes the sport car can do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds the rugged suv can through the jungle/dessert.
How often to you need to go that fast or that far of the beaten path?
One of the first thing I show how to is selection and then mask in PS.
You want to know how to isolate by selecting and only effecting an area by masking in/out another.
This stuff has been around since the mid 90’s
If someone is but I have a new camera and I shoot raw, great PSE9.
You will have the latest raw engine I think it is 6 at this point and can still do the other work in PS.
Lightroom is a great product BUT it will not make a bad photo into a good one. The power to make good images is within the photographer.
The marketing of a product/service is to make a sale.
If we are starting getting into a vehicle we can not afford or handle will lead to frustration.
Just about every there is a post about how to use blank blank.
Each camera or program came with an owners manual and a help menu that the people who made spent a lot of time on and you paid for.
Between CS2 and Elements you can shoot up to the 5Dmkii. If you get the new 60D you might have to wait a bit.
The basics for editing are just the basic the foundation on which you built on.
Learning the ABCs takes you a long way towards writing a great novel. Having an i7 with 6 gb of ram and windows 7/Mac Lion(will be here next year) will not get that novel written. That system with CS5 or LR3 will not make your images sparkle, without you. You bring you to the journey anything extra is well superfluous.