I watch the minutes fall off the clock like drops of rain into the ocean.

I watch the minutes fall off the clock like drops of rain into the ocean. I know where each falls but cannot see where it went.
When I was with you my despair you would wrest from my soul.
When we took strolls I had no idea our time together had been foretold.
I was your dry dock and you were my vessel.
What I would give to hold her but her prescient thoughts brought the end.
Another miraculous sunset except I stand on this rock alone watching someone else go home.


Your words do not fall on deaf ears nor on blind eyes

Your words do not fall on deaf ears nor on blind eyes but help steer a soul from a cloudy day to a clear tomorrow.

The eyes see all but the mind brushes over that vision a brush tainted with emotions.

If I cry out to you do not use my words after you balled them in hurt and hurl them at me.
I cried out because I Love You and when I turned and you were gone I felt an emptiness within.
Remember when I wrote this

In the darkness I read my life as if it was in Braille but my feelings foretell every detail.

If I cry out to you with tears that quenched a volcano but reach out to you to like gentle waves lapping at the shore.
Please do not turn your back for I want to reflect your beauty as I cover you with all that I am and caress your earthly form.


Knowledge is like the air that we breathe

Knowledge is like the air that we breathe but for our brains.
I prefer wide open spaces and various scents in the air.

Some subscribe to the “Western Classics” and other to “eastern Knowledge” base.

I take in knowledge like the air that breathe and the basis to my words.

Before I speak I take a breathe of air and form the words to convey my thoughts that were shaped by the knowledge that my eyes, ears and Soul have retained.

First Lets Tango!

First lets Tango!
Then we can tangle and I wrangle the passion that sits below the surface but resounds like depth charges in your voice.
The choice He makes wake me up to the glory of a day and the polyphony of your voice as the background of our music of our Bacchanal corporeal musing.
The fires burning strong on detritus of residence and rising like smoke our resilience will live in the spirit world when our bodies have been returned to dust.
I think I should go food shopping, I might be a bit hypoglycemic.


There is but one JRO 4 those in the know!
Psst! Over here, meet me behind the server where/wear no one will disturb us.
I will be at your browser because I like how you in that DNS dress.
The css makes you look like one hot tamale hottie to this proxy/HTTP:
You look sublime dressed all up to the mimes.
I just want to put you in an iFrame cuz you have not changed since I was a young Mac you my PC = Pretty Chic.
remember When We Were all over the world?
man, it was just yesteryear when you gave your IP and I shared/chaired my ISP with you.
We started as Explorers by the Window and set on Firefox looking all polished like Chrome, I just want to take Home.
I love how you use to write to me in JavaScript and how we download without being in a JQuery.
PHP was nothing for as I you in that Ruby lipstick and I was on Rails.
Honey you are my URL = Underwritten Real Love.
Remember playing DOS and having to head Home before dark?
Walking in Parallels and my looking into your eyes thinking what a sweet GUI you were sporting
Ah the days of alt ctrl delete because that old window could not compete but is has been 7 for how long?
I want to take you in my arms and wrap/rap you in HTMl and just love the you smell.

When to post

Blogs are like some images you have to know when to leave them alone.
If you do not know how then why?
The main thing is to get your images out and info about you.
The end user>client does not care about this or that.
They are there for the images and learn about you the person that will be or just photographed them.
What? If I just did a session they know about me, yes they do.
They know of you but now you photographed lil Jane, it’s personal/emotional.
You could best the best blah blah in the world but I want to see what you have with me and mine.
Photography is a service/product>science/art>business/passion
Photography is about melting hearts through one s and two eyes seeing their child like never before.
Hand a tissue or some Stolichnaya…

Camera on Auto

Just like the Blank commercial I use every inch of my camera.
Not directed a anyone [disclaimer]
This is JSO so any pseudo wannabe prepro that wants to feel they are above others remember the some words from and older man.
The people that usually look down their noses should be lifting up their shoes and looking at what they stepped in.
Aperture priority and Time value are semi-auto, you picked based on what you wanted.
I could pick sport mode and gasp! JPEG and rattle off more shots then I can with it on raw, based on the buffer>size of images/camera card>blah d’blah.
Auto is just consigning all to the programmers of the algorithms and what they think (lord help us) think is good.
Would I use for a portrait no.
Would I use auto if saw a raptor and wanted that image so fast all I could do was switch the blasphemous green square?
This did happen a mile from my house with a Bald Eagle but my diesel is loud is scared it away.
If I have the time and the shot is important I will use manual or av/tv.
Again I wish I did not live in West Where The Duck.
I would love to get together with someone and shoot.
I bracket my shots for HDR. I now how to use my flash on manual and drag the shutter BUT will sometimes switch to FEC (no matter what someone on ILP thinks)
Point is I get the shot that I want and and that this JSO, Iz i’ight wit what I gotz.
as long as I am being ass…
Some do use their brains but log in and ask…
Which lens for blah blah?
The one that gets the job done.
I have bank blank to shoot tomorrow what f stop should I use?
F the f stop and engage your mind for a second, wait! Damn that was 1/1000th of a second but I want to shot wide.
Good open your mind and mind your aperture.
How to I see the light? With your eyes! Next!
You do not see the light you see the reflection of light on the subject.
Shadow is not a bad word it dances with light and if you take away it will sad.
Buy a foam head used for wigs unless of you get wigged by white featureless heads.
Which brings up clipping again not a four letter word though “clip” is.
If something is black it will light up the blue and if something has a specular highlight that Rudolph Red will be all up in your grill.
Some will do anything to avoid it in post, ah. Did you think about that before you tapped the shutter. Oh, shiver me timbers!
If you see reflections of of metal/glass/water you will have pseudo blown issue.
That is fine because that is 255, 255, 255.
Back to featureless face I have seen my fair skinned share here in ILP Land.
I call the “twilight Snack Attack” look, patent pending.
If you goose up anything above 190 things will start to disappear.
Do you want a 3D head shot with a nice bokeh?
Cool, know your camera and the lighting. The shadows will help define the shape.
Bokeh is background blur why obsess over the background?
We want the subject to be the ah, subject.
But I want a lens…Do you need it? Do you know how use ?
I want a 30mm and I have $$ Take that kit lens and set to 30mm (scotch tape optional) shoot for a while and get back to me. (bokeh does not matter see shooting blurry backgrounds for a living)
If want you can send me the money I’ll keep in escrow.
Few of us have to the money to “play” with.
Especially when you are over budget with 0.00 deductible.
Dumping money into high end gear with low end abilities and high end anxiety is recipe for better living through chemical intervention.
I had swamp water and vinegar instead of my Chai tea this morning.

Un Corazon

Thanks for the ride your truth was the foundation that was buried under your lies.
Such pretty eyes were the window dressing for the destruction and desecration of my heart.
Such beautiful skin and scent that was heaven sent.
But a serpent does not change her stripes and your lies were so sweet as you told me you loved me.
You came and awakened desires that laid dormant and your afterglow is my heart in torment.
Crystal clear sheets of black ice now cover my heart since we have been apart.
You played me like a cat does with a mouse.
I still have the wet spot where you bit my neck.
You should have finished me off and not just broken my heart.
Signed sealed shivers run down my spine and in time even your love would have been sublime.
When the player gets preyed upon time to put down the prayer book and revert to The Dark Knight/Joker school of cHarm.
They were one and the same cut from the same cloth but on separate sides of seams/laws.
Watch your rear view mirror and give me a wide berth. I have written your epitaph but will read it to you first, God Bless.

Heavy Thunderous Beats/Beast In A Vacuos Heat.

I live alone and words are my friends and they are my currency the only things I have of value, to some.
This from am email this morn, related to blog design of all things.
A photographer without a muse is like a mirror without a reflection. With light as a medium they see and complete each other.
A teacher without a student is akin to fountain without water…The beauty of the fountain is brought forth by the dispersion of the water/knowledge.
I am nursing a broken heart so words are my Art Therapy along with my Lil Rebel XT.
Heavy thunderous heartbeats…sans echos in a vacuous heat…my earthen locks keeping time with every beat…brought to my Lord feat…like Mary and Martha that is where I belong…and where I will stay…the mountains and valleys that are created with each melancholic beat…remind that I need to breath…love to me is the air that we breath…necessary for our very survival but not in the sense that others have inhale what we have just taken and let in slow tempo or a fractious staccato…but since I have fallen and I know that I have move and am going somewhere…if even though crestfallen…I am my first true love and the cornerstone to my life as my God is the cornerstone to my faith…that whispered goodbye to arrogance as she picked me up and embraced me even though I shunned her…she carried me and no can one put us asunder.