When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb

I take comfort in your words and also look forward to being next to you.
When my Soul was wandering in an endless catacomb under timber still smoldering from the wreckage of a place I once called home.
You reached in and offered me hand without a glance of the broken man.
You saw my spirit without seeing my face.
Rough hewn timbers laden with lies and yet you reach in and removed them with Love and understanding.
Sometimes I kept my head bowed in prayer and others in despair as tears jumped off my face as I felt less than waste.
Slowly I turned to the voice and craned my head to the Light in your eyes and the blue sky above my storm.
Yet having nothing than words and a deep spirit you guided me on a sea of Hope to Island that is our own.
Holding you close in my arms with your head canted that lower lip in my mouth as I gently pull on it.
I see the pulsing blood/Love that sustains our bodies and Spirits with every heartbeat.

Sunrise Over The Shawagunks Mountains

I decided to take a trip up to the Stone Church in Cragsmoor and watch the sunrise.
I felt I needed some time alone but my Canon 50D thought differently.
As I was getting ready to leave it wrapped itself around my leg and said “where you going big boi?” One looked at that body and I was just as gripped as the grip it was sporting.
Of course I caved and away we went up route NY 52 about 7 miles up the mountain.
The deers on the side of the road looked at each other like wtf? Where is he going before 5 am.
I have lived in Ellenville for six years and that was on my list. I have some from the other side by New Paltz also.